The Band

Ritmos Negros is a band which interprets Afro-Peruvian music, a genre originated in and developed on the Peruvian coast, a mixture of African, Andean and European folk elements. The repertoire of Ritmos Negros ranges from popular Afro-Peruvian songs, through criollo classics music to instrumental pieces original tunes mixed with Jazz and contemporary genres. It includes classical songs like El Mayoral, Toro Mata, Regresa, Ruperta, Maria Landó and others. Currently the band recorded their first studio album which compiles Peruvian classic folk songs, and original pieces composed by the group.

Piero Epifanía

Piero Epifanía is a Peruvian musician, whose first steps into music starts back at the age of 8, studying trompet at school. Since then he‘s been participating in different groups, mastering in keyboards and percussions. Piero has been playing with many prominent artists all over the world: collaborated with the Latin Grammy-nominated producer Manuel Garrido-Lecca; participated in live shows with artists such as “Toni Kitanovski” (Macedonia) and Nova Vista Orquestra (Latin, Bossa nova); toured around Latin America (Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Peru) with the duet “Piero y Kalina” (Pop Jazz, Blues). Currently he performs with the ensemble Yotsov Clarinet Sextet (Bulgaria) and the flamenco Banda del Padre (Bulgaria). Founder, percussionist and vocal of Ritmos Negros and creator of the project Iyen Baya (Electro-acoustic folk fusion).

Simeon Leonidov

Simeon Leonidov is a guitarist born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He takes his first guitar steps with Alex Nushev in Ph.D. Music Lab. In 2006 he continued his development with Rosen Balkanski in The National Academy of Music – Prof. Pancho Vladigerov. As a performer and session musician he takes part in the classical guitar duo “Alegrias”, classical guitar trio “Sofia”, flamenco-fusion “banda Del Padre”, ethno-jazz formation “Outhentic” and since 2016 in Afro-Peruvian acoustic band “Ritmos Negros”.

Boris Taslev

Boris Taslev began his music studies at the age of six with classical guitar. He is a graduate of the State Music Academy in Sofia. As a member of State Music Theater’s Orchestra (2002 to 2012) he has performed in a number of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals, including “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Evita”, “Cats”, etc. As well as in Cl. M. Schonnberg’s : “Miss Saigon”. His versatile recording and performing career features: The trio of jazz guitarist Plamen Petrov, Hristo Yotzov Quintet, Borislav Petrov’s project “Jazzanitza”, the ethnofusion groups - “Kanopus”, “Ikadem”, “Brainstorm”; the latin band “Latinopartizani”; salsa and timba bands, such as “Mango Duende” and “Tumbaito”; the “Brass Association” big band; “RomaNeno Project”; as well as different acoustic and electric projects led by Bulgarian jazz, pop and folk musicians, currently playing electric bass with Ritmos Negros. Performed at festivals in Bulgaria, France, Romania, Austria, Turkey, Italy; Germany, Belgium.

Arnau Garrofé Farràs

Originally from Barcelona, Arnau Garrofé grew musically in the Netherlands, finishing his musical education in the Hague and Rotterdam. It’s during those years that he had the chance to play with great musicians such as the ex-jazz messenger Philip Harper, the late Kris Goessens, Erik Ineke among others. After playing all over the Netherlands and Belgium, in 2014 Arnau expanded his musical threshold by traveling to Asia looking for new inputs. That brought him to play frequently in the main clubs of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Kathmandu. Since 2016 he lives in Sofia where he quickly became one of the most sought after musicians of the scene. Performing regularly throughout the country and being involved in different projects, Arnau was awarded as “Best Solo Instrumentalist” in the 2016 Johnny Raducanu International Jazz Festival in Braila, Romania. He has been the last acquisition of Ritmos Negros, providing with his sound a new range of colors and textures to the band.